ASUS / USB / Netgear / Connected, but no IP info

I have an ASUS P5LD2 motherboard.
I have a working onboard LAN and my Windows XP sp2 OS has been updated via Microsoft Update.

The computer is going up to the 2nd floor, and so will be using a wireless connection since the router is in the basement.

I have a NetGear wireless router and a NetGear USB wireless device.

The WEP security (128 bit) works properly. However, Windows cannot obtain a TCP/IP address. This happens when using the NetGear drivers or when allowing Microsoft to manage the connection.

I have updated to BIOS version 1103. I have updated the latest Chipset and Gigabit LAN drivers and NetGear drivers.

I can't figure out what is missing to get the wireless LAN working.

Note: I am having the exact same trouble on my two Sony VAIO systems: LAN works fine, but wireless can't connect.

Randy Strommen
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  1. NetGear router: WNR854T
    NetGear USB wireless adapter = WG111

    The wireless adapter has been tested on the known working machines, and can be easily swapped out.

    Total configuration:
    3 LAN connected desktops
    1 wireless connected desktop (this system was used to prove the USB device works properly)
    2 wireless connected laptops
    3 wireless connected but limited connectivity desktops. (1 homemade ASUS P5LD2 system, 2 Sony VAIO systems).

    There are 50 DHCP addresses available in the range.
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