I need help building the best PC tonight

I am in a hurry my coupon expires in about 2 hours so I apreciate all help.
There are a few things that we have to keep in mind.

#1. I am getting 25% off at Dell small business because they screwed up on a previous order so many times so we are going to try and order everything from there. It looks like they might not sell motherboards but we need to get the rest from there unless there is a HUGE advantage to buying something they don't sell.

#2 I will not be overclocking it so you do not need to make that a consideration.

#3 I only want 1 video card

#4 I want a quadcore

#5 I think I want a raptor for my primary HD

So far I've got a few things in mind:

I've got no idea what kind of memory to get or if I should get 2GB or 4GB. I do intend to upgrade to vista (I heard that matters). I really need your help getting memory and a motherboard that agree with each other. The last time I built a pc I think I did a poor job of this. Making sure the bus speeds match, and cycle times are their best, and these things I'm used to considering are too much learn in 2 hours. I'm completely confused as to how the cpu's bus is 1066 but the ram seems to be only 800 and I don't know what mobo to tie it together with.

I am posting this twice since I'm low on time. I hope that isn't too annoying.

Please keep in mind I will not be overclocking.

I am very very very appreciative of any advice you can give.
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  1. With out a coupon it is cheaper here and you get free shipping.

    Same price after mail in rebate and again free shipping.

    About the only thing I buy from Dell is their Monitors.

    I wouldnt fret too much about a silly coupon. You can get the same or better deals from other online retailers.
  2. I would say go for 4gb if you have the cash, you want DDR2 800mhz atleast and I would shoot for 4CLS timings, but 5 is not a terrible on intel arch at this point. The motherboard needs to no be a dell so it is good that you cant buy one, lol. I would say get either an ABIT AB9 Pro motherboard or Gigabyte DS3 and you should be good to go. Actually since you dont OC you could get an Intel motherboard and be at very similar stock performance. Im pretty sure that almost any P965 chipset will work with the dual core, but dont hold me to that.


  3. I thought 680i chipset would be best.

    Could you link me to the best ream sold at dell that could be utilized without overclocking?
  4. please do not buy a dell .worst thing u can do . if you don't know ,some parts on a dell are refurbished. even if they are new .your still getting refurbished stuff .
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