Setup 3 Initialization Failure

Hey all,

So I just finished building my (1rst) PC and everything seemed to be going well. Then, when I boot from Windows XP CD, I get this error: Setup 3 Initialization Failed. It is a hardware problem but I am not sure what is wrong. I have tried clearing the CMOS. Here are my specs.

DFI Infinity 975X
Conroe E6600
Corsair XMS 2Gig 1066
1 Seagate SATA
Nvidia 8800 GTS
PC Power and Cooling 750W
Bluegear Enspirer Soundcard

I have everything except the soundcard installed.

THanks for any help.
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  1. Hi there.

    Been trying to Google the answer, but haven't found fact, hardly found anything at all. Strange.

    Anyway. The only suggestion I came across had to do with either a dirty CD or a poorly copied install CD. So try cleaning the disk maybe.

    EDIT: I guess it could be right. From personal experience I have known a bad copy of the XP installation causing odd problems. Another thing you might want to test is your memory. Google Memtest86. Good stuff.
  2. Thanks for the help. I actually got it to work. Don't know what I did exactly...jiggled some connections, swore a great deal...anyways, it worked. Thanks again.
  3. LOL! Never underestimate the power of threatening electronics with imminent death! XD XD XD

    Glad it's working for you now. Probably was a loose connection then.
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