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In a slight dilemma here and would appreciate some advice/comments.

I currently have a 7800gtx 256mb but I'm contemplating upgrading it to a x1950xtx.

My question is should I wait and see how many bugs are in vista, then take the plunge and buy an 8800gtx/r600, or get a good trade in deal from my local pc shop and get the x1950xtx now.

It will probably be a while before I go down the vista route but saving money at the end of the day is my priority.

By the way, my main gaming is provided by fps games and the odd racing sim.

Any ideas?
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  1. 7800GTX - X1950XTX = 20-40% increase in performance for $350.

    7800GTX - 8800GTS = 40-80% increase in performance for $400.

    Plus the 8800GTS gives you DX10 compatability. Why would you trow you money away on the ATI card? IMO, I would wait, the 7800GTX gives decent performance. What specifically are you playing that makes you want to upgrade?
  2. Currently I'm playing a lot of Call of Duty 2 - I get very decent frames but just when going through smoke I'd like it to be a bit more stable.

    I was just interested to see what would be more cost effective, to upgrade now and still receive a reasonable price for my card from the shop and then upgrade again later from the ati card. Rather than wait and get a bad price for my card and have to pay out more for the dx10 cards.

    You've given me an idea though, i hadn't really considered the gts :?
  3. Hold off for the R600 to come out.
    It could be a killer card, who knows?
    At the verry least nvidia will lower their prices.

    If you do decide to upgrade, don't go with the X1950XTX.
    The 8800GTS gives you more power and DX10 for just a few bucks more.
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