Can this case hold up the PSU?

ok my dad got me this case for my B-day a while back before we got our computer parts, and now we got them and I've read some reviews and this one guy says that the tabs to hold up the PSU bent down really easy. We've installed everything else but the PSU and I'm wondering if it'll fall once we put it in XP

that's the case, yes it's cheap, we need to superglue the top left corner because a crack is in it, and the front panel hinge is also out. My dad said he's going to try and add more tabs to make sure it stays up though.

We have the Enermax 460W PSU. It is between 4 - 5lb I would say.
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  1. lol dude - the psu is one or the first things u install!

    the 4 rear screws will lcok it in place - plus i usually sits on a tab or a little shelf. thats a little psu u be finE!!!!!
  2. Send it back, PowMax makes NOTHING BUT GARBAGE. In fact, they also make nearly every sub $20 power supply on the market, not to mention your $15 case.
  3. I really don't have anythin constructiver to add that hasnt already been said.


    You are the proud owner of a PowMax case, garanteed to fail or slef destruct within the first 3 months.


    Never buy powmax. They OEM all those fantasy 800W psus that sellf for 40 bux. Not only are the voltage rails out of spec, but they overheat, and worst of all, the powe supplies do not deliver even a 10th of its rated capacity.

    As for cases - skimping on the materials
    ie extra thin low grade alminium than warps bend easily
    no antivibration dfeatures
    doidgy hinges
    cheap shoddy front panels
    scerw holes that slip waaaay too easily
  4. It should hold the PSU no problem. As for the case it's not a good idea for LAN parties and moving about. Make sure it stays put.
  5. I'm not really one to go to lan parties and stuff, it's just for a home gaming system. But anyway my dad said he can just make like an extra tab if need be to hold up the PSU anyway :P.

    As for the case, yes it isn't that good, it came with a crack in the top left corner, and the hinge was already broken off. My dad's going to superglue both of those back on though :/. But once we get it fully built and on the ground it should be good. Hopefully it's enough airflow for this:

    Core 2 Duo E6300
    Geforce 7900GT
    Gigabyte DS3
    Corsair 2x 512mb ram
    Seagate 250mb harddrive :P
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