Multiple display help on 7600GT

Ok, here's my setup:

XFX 7600GT, forceware v93.71
Samsung 225bw 22" Widescreen LCD, 1680x1050 native
HP 1955 19" non-widescreen LCD, 1280x1024 native
Win XP Pro SP2

And I'm trying to do "Horizontal Span" mode from nVidia's Control Panel ... but some how I can't seem to have the displays set to seperate resolutions. It always comes out to be a 2560x1024 desktop, both screens will be 1280x1024, and my widescreen gets stretched.

And worse yet, the 3360x1050 (1680x1050 for both) will give me a "Not Optimum Mode" message on my Samsung, 8O wft?!?, and the hp1955 fine but goes into the panning desktop mode.

On top of that, I can't see any functionaliy to set the positions of the displays either.

At work, we use multiple displays, and I can easily configure the arrangements in Displays Properties -> Settings. But then those machines are using ATI cards ...

So, is it just me or is nVidia's fancy Control Panel missing some crucial functionality?

Thanks to anybody who can help
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  1. use the option to configure the monitors independently which is in control panel -> display -> change display configuration. It's the last option on 1.
    apply you can also go to the windows display manager thing ( right click desktop then properties). I've only just done this myself looks ace. 19" widescreen @ 1440*900 and 15" crt at 1024*768.
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