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I just put together my first system ever.

The specs are:

Asus p5L-VM 1394 Mobo
BFG Nvidia 7900GS 256mb
E6400 Duo Core 2 2.13ghz
WD1600JS 160gb SATA2 western digital hard drive
Patriot 2gig ram
Samsung DVD Burner

I just finished installing all the components, and when I turn it on the fans all work, the hard drive has power, the floppy and dvd drives all have power as well. The motherboard light is on, and the CPU fan is working. However, I do not get a signal on three seperate monitors. They all say no signal detected. All of my USB devices hooked directly to the motherboard show power lights. Also, the hard drive light does not flash on the computer. I triple checked that the hard drive activity light was hooked up right and it is. I hooked up a different hard drive, and it too powers up and begins to run, but I again have no activity light and no display. I do not yet have windows installed, and cannot touch my bios because I cannot get anything to work on the monitor. Please help me, I am begining to think I just wasted $1000. How can I get a display in order to install windows, and make sure the system works?
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  1. my psu is a thermaltake TR2-430W.

    I actually took out the video card, and this time it booted the system. I am installing windows right now, but if I install windows will it then allow me to install the video card seperately afterward?
  2. Thanks. I actually figured out what the problem was, it was a bad female plug on the graphics card. I switched to the other one and it works like a charm.
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