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I have been having problems with my on-board ethernet card lately. As soon as I open too many sockets it stops responding (downloading too much or using p2p programs). I go into network connections and disable the connection then enable it again which solves the problem.

I recently got a pci ethernet adapter and it worked fine for 5 minutes and now that is working very slowly. It open websites at the speed of a 28K modem and I can't connect to applications such as MSN, etc.

I have all the new drivers for the card, have tried to reset my adsl router, reboot, etc. and still no luck. Any suggestions?
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  1. Call your ISP? Most don't advertise it but since the whole streaming full length movies, uploading gigs of music to share, etc. some ISP's watch your bandwidth and will throttle you down at some point.

    If you freshly boot your PC and do nothing but surf the web or play a single online game, does your connection work normally or choke off in a few minutes?
  2. No it can't be that. I am now using my motherboard lan card and I am connected at full speed. It is just when I connect with the PCI ethernet card that the connection becomes very slow for some reason.
  3. I have had this issue, too. I found out that it was my router that did not like the NIC in my computer. So what kind of router is it? I had this issue with mainly Linksys and some D-Link routers.
  4. It is an A-LINK router. I should probably get an NIC that is the same brand. I saw one in the store but didn't take it, blah. I will go exchange it and see if it fixes the problem. Thanks for the help!
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