Newegg Preferred Account [Is it worth it?]

I have a purchase around $650 I would like to make at and I was wondering if you guys thought the newegg preferred account is worth it. I wouldn't mind having 6 months no interest because I am starting an internship this week that I will get $700 /week before taxes. I know I would be able to pay it off in no time at all, not to mention I have enough saved for it at the moment but I like to have money saved and not spend most of it. If I was approved would I get charged anything extra if I payed it before 6 months was up? I would just like a month cushion for finances really and mine as well get 0% when you can.

Do you think I should get it?


Shockem :bounce:
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  1. Preferred accounts are to ensure customer loyalty. As long as there is no fee attached, and I don't think there is, go ahead and get it. And no, there is no pre-payment penalty. However, for your peace of mind, just ask them.
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