Radeon 7670M not working after update

I have a Dell Inspiron 15R laptop with 3rd Gen Core i5 3210@2.5 GHz, AMD Radeon 7670M graphics. I'm facing a strange problem since when I installed 'important' update from Windows Update for AMD Radeon 7670M, it doesn't just start (Error code 43). Before the update, it was running nice, but now I don't even get to start Catalyst Centre! In Device Manager, the old driver was clearly stated as AMD Radeon 7670M under the Display Adapters section, while after updating it shows AMD Radeon 7600 series! Due to this, I had to re-install my Windows 8 twice! Help me! :( parikhrutul[at]live.com
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  2. Brett928S2 said:

    Thanks! :)
    I did try to revert back to old driver, but Windows didn't let me! Then I had to restore the Windows using recovery disc. Now I want to ask if the driver's working fine, is there any need to update it? Because I don't want to end up re-installing Windows every time.
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