Pink screen crash gf 8800 gtx


i bought a new system about a week ago:

bfg geforce 8800 gtx
2gb 800mhz kingston ram
asus pb5 board
intel dual core e6600 processor
enermax liberty 500watts power supply

now my problem:

my computer randomly crashes with a pink screen when playing games(or using 3dmark), with strange artifacts in it-> reboot(mostly automatic).
i get some strange artifacts too sometimes when playing company of heroes(dont know if its a problem with the game or the hw.).
cant really reproduce the error, sometimes it runs for hours without a crash.

i already checked the values of the power supply, seems to work correctly.

has anyone expierienced a similar problem ? is there a way to test if the problem is the video card(or the processor)?
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  1. Yeah, I have crashed to a pink screen some when I am overclocking. I dont really know what caused it but it doesnt happen very often.

    I think its some kind of video error.

    I am also running beta forceware drivers, so it could be that too.
  2. Funny, it happened to me also. It only has done it apon loading of Windows once on desktop, but like some have said, it does not happen very often. You need to give us some temps of idle and load temps for you CPU and GPU. Are you overclocking? If so try your stock clock.
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