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I got the "Sophomore" badge today, but, for some reason, it only shows on my "Profile" at "Tom's Guide", but not on my "Profile" at the "".
I also got "Spy" badge, but for some reason it only shows on my "Profile" at "", but not on my "Profile" at the "Tom's Guide".

Here's the picture of it:

P.S. Sorry if I'm asking this in a wrong section, there are so many of them that I got confused about where to post such questions.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the world of only vaguely mirror like mirror sites, in theory the badge data should be identical between tom's guide, tom's hardware, and tom's hardware UK, it is not.

    Most of the forum related badges don't track to tom's guide because it sort of has its own little forum, for example i only have a spy badge on tom's guide but i have chief of the watch here along with several other gold's that don't show up on tom's guide. If you report an article comment on a tom's guide story you will likely get spy there too, but they will be for distinctly different events, its weird and not easy to fix.

    For the most part the only badges anyone ever notices is the ones related to best answers in each forum section, the other ones are mostly just to acknowledge your contribution to the community but as such they tend to get stuck in the community that issued them, it sucks but we have to live with it for now.
  2. hunter315 said:
    its weird and not easy to fix.

    Hmmm...maybe creating a group of several people who will watch for such kind of things (something like a "badge watchmen", who's main job would be tracking down info about who got what, and fixing such kind of things on spot, thus keeping it pretty much synchronized for everyone) can solve this problem? No?...well, anyway, thanks for the answer.

  3. I don't see why badges aren't shown in the member's Profile summary under their avatar. That way, posters would see whether the person who responded to their question actually has any validity posting in that sub-Forum.

    That would also - presumably -take away the differences between UK and USA sites, because the present information shown is common to both.

  4. Saga Lout said:

    I don't see why badges aren't shown in the member's Profile summary under their avatar.

    It's interesting, but considering how many badges there are, it would probably stretch it very much, which is not that good of a thing.
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