Mine X1900 256 GT is not funtioning properly anymore please

okay so yesterday i updated my ATI drivers to the latest version from the new ATI Site.

Then today i was playing call of duty 2 for pc at full graphic acceleration and it wasn't working properly. it used to run at full speed ,but now it choppy plus i see this rainbow data corruptions of the graphics all around my screen it like rainbow color around my screen. plus not only that but the game runs at like 10 frames a sec when it used to run at 120 or 60 frames but a really smooth speed.
So can anybody help?
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  1. Did you completely remove all old ATI software and drivers, before installing the new ones? If not try removing EVERYTHING, reboot and reinstall.
  2. yeah i did and it worked thank you , hey also i just brought windows xp pro edition and for some reason it say my versions is not genuine and it wont let me use window media player and everything
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