680i mobo for possible future SLI upgrade with 8800 gts?

I'm trying to build a futureproof comp and was thinking how much fp value it would add to be ready for SLI in the future with the 8800 gts? this would mean a rough 150 euro cost increase with mobo and PSU. Is it worth it?
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  1. If money is no objection, buy this whole site.

    IMO, SLI/CF is for bragging rights. If you already have a c2d gaming setup running at comfortable fps, save the money for something else. Or sit down & find out how much time you game & do something else on the pc. Spend that saving on the parts that you use most. i.e. a quality monitor.
  2. I bought the new eVGA nForce 680i motherboard not for the SLI capabilities, but because it's a great board and a great overclocker. 150 euro might be worth it depending on the board, in my case it definitely was.
  3. Don't SLI unless your monitor's resolution is higher than 1600x1200.
  4. I own 2 sli machines and have eVGAs 122-CK-Nf68 boards in both of them.I am also running two 8800GTS's,next week ill be p[utting the GTS's in my E6700 machine,and installing 2 8800GTX's with my X6800.So I can honestly tell you that the 8800GTS's are worth every penny. eVGA just came out with 2 newversoins of both the GTS and the GTX. there both OCed .One version is the Superclocked and the 2nd is a KO with extreme cooling. I'm on eVGAs stepup program,but they do not offer these new versions for stepup. They are worth taking the time to read up on.
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