Low 3dmark06 for an 8800GTS?

I recently upgraded to a 8800GTS and ran 3dmark06 and I got a around 7500 3dmarks for my system. It sounds a bit low for my system, any ideas?

I've got:

OCZ 520 Watt PSU
AMD X2 4400+ @ stock speeds
2x 1GB OCZ Platinum EB PC 4000 DDR1
1 x EVGA 8800GTS @ stock
K8N Diamond Plus
2 x 250 GB Seagate 3gb/s ncq drives

Seeing some other people's scores, I am thinking something is a bit off here. The breakdown of scores were around 3000+ for the SM2 and HDR/SM3.0 score but I got 1600s for the CPU score. I'm just wondering if my CPU is losing speed or if something is a bit messed up. Any ideas would help, thanks!
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  1. That is about right.
    I have a GTS and an E6600, at stock I get ~8500.

    If you overclock it you will notice a nice jump.
    With my cpu @ 3.28GHz and GTS @ 620/950 it goes up to ~10500.
  2. most likely your CPU , other then that your fine
  3. there is an article about how the CPU limits the ability of the 8800
  4. Appreciate the article, I hoped my 8800GTS would give me a bigger boost over the 7800GTX I had, but it certainly handles some things better. I can't help but think things are a tad bit slow, but if thats about the norm I'll see about a small bit of OC'ing, my temps are pretty good, around 90F for my cpu, so its not like it's overheating at all.
  5. i have a 8800 gts and my score is around 8000 stock. 600/900 8500
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