8800GTX SLI Error nv EventId 14 resolution

Hello, although I am a new member here, I have many years of experience on computers and I am the IT Manager for a large Stock broking firm.
My problems started 15 days ago when I decided to built a pc with the following configuration:
Asus Striker Extreme mob
2 Gigs OCZ 1066 Vida SLI Edition
2xRaptor 150 Raids 0+ 2xSeagate 350 Raid 0
Plextor 755 DVDRW + Liteon 167T Reader
Enermax Galaxy PSU 1000W
Stacker 830 Case with 5 120 fans.

The built was easy and the only problems I had to begin with were sound crackling in fps intensive games and a difference of 10 degrees C between the two 8800's which I initially attributed to slot location in the case.
After some testing one of my 2 GTX's was 10 degrees hotter than the other no matter where I placed it, top slot or bottom. I took both cards out to check if one of them had the Known faulty resistor issue but both of them had 40C resistors and in one of them, the coldest one, you could see that the resistor had been replaced.
I proceeded by applying As5 only on the core of the warmer card that made no difference in temps what so ever, so next day I went to my retailer and swapped the card for another. This is when my real problems began....
After installing the new card in my pc I flashed it to the new evga bios and it was instantly recognized in windows and all benchmarks and games saw it within specs. After a whole day on the PC, and while I was browsing some forums on IE, the pc froze without a BSOD. I hit the reset button and after loging in I found in my event viewer an eventid 14 nv error. There was no information about the error anywhere on the net.This was with 97.44 drivers.
Next day I loaded the new drivers that had just came out and again while browsing the net I was greeted with another freeze with same error in the event viewer. I was furious....
These are my findings:
Eventid 14 nv unknown error means that no enough power is reaching the card. After a lot of tries I managed to replicate the error by booting with only one cable on the GTX. Upon reboots the system worked each time without the error but at some point 5 or 6 hours later it froze. Further more if the pc was powered down for more than 20 minutes, the nvidia power sentinel would come up informing me that my cards were not receiving enough power.
I tried to test each card individually and let each card cool for an hour before booting up the pc with it.
What I found out was that my "new" card was the culprit as it was giving the error when cold.
Monday I will go to my retailer and swap the card again and hopefully this time things will work as they are supposed to.
I hope this helps someone to not go through all the rigorous testing I have gone through in order to pinpoint the exact problem.
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  1. Did you test the PCI-E power supply leads with a multimeter to check their output? Just Curious?

    Seems like an impressive case, are you running 4 side fans? If yes there should be plenty of air for the video cards.
  2. Yes, I checked their output with a multimeter they were 12.4 for all 4 of them, which is exactly what everest reports. Only one of the two 8800GTX's would popup the nvidia power sentinel error. and only when the card itself was cold, even when the rest of the system had been running for some time prior to installation.
    I have 2 side case fans as my zalman 9700NT leaves no space for another one, 2 in the front for intake and one in the back for exhaust plus my 2 psu fans.
  3. That 9700NT is a lot bigger than it looks in the pictures of it, isn't it.
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