My SATA's Running as IDE - Options?

MB: Asus P5W Deluxe
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3320620AS

I didn't have access to a floppy drive when I installed XP on my new box and so I skipped the part to load SCSI/SATA drivers when XP asked for it.

Current situation: My SATA shows up as IDE is my bios and windows won't boot if I try to configure my SATA to run in anything but IDE mode. Is there anyway to get this drive to work as SATA without a reinstall, or am I going to need to go by a floppy drive?

My drive benchmark results below, if I had a proper SATA install would these numbers change much? I used PerformanceTest for these numbers.

Disk Sequential R: 78 MB/sec
Disk Sequential W: 68 MB/sec
Disk Random Seek + RW: 3.01
Disk Mark: 540.3
PassMark Rating: 108.1
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  1. Did you try changing your CRT for an LCD? Maybe a laser mouse would help instead of optical.
  2. The difference would be insignificant - the marks may improve 10%; not so much that you would notice on a workstation or normal duty home comp. You're missing an unnoticeable touch of speed & ncq - which is a file server technology. The IDE setup is fine.

    If one was a hardcore performance freak - this wouldn't be the drive to be considered.

    But its' price per gig and 5 year W make it a super, middle-of-the-road drive.
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