8800GTS or placeholder 7600GS? Need Opinions

Hi All,
First post so be gentle....

I have just purchased a beautiful dell 30" LCD (3007wfp) and I want to upgrade my graphics card but don't want to shell out again when Vista hits with dx10.
Need a new card for the display regardless because it needs dual DVI support.

So I've been thinking of either getting a 8800GTS (~$370) which is currently dx10 compatiable or a placeholder card until vista/price drops hit (~$90 for a 7600gt)

So here's my questions :
Is direct x 10 done? and supported 100% by 8800?
What are the chances of direct-x updating quickly which means that the 8800's don't support all the features? e.g. direct-x 10.1
How much are the 8800's predicted to drop by price wise - and in what kind of timeframe?

I'll either buy a 8800GTS soon and that's it or buy the cheap card and upgrade in 5-6 months when vista/direct-x/prices are all more solid.

Suggestions and advice are most welcome.
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  1. I donno about the rest of the world but I am never in a hurry to buy 1st generation of any thing they do not call it " leading bleeding edge" for nothing,,furthermore I just read somewhere today that Nvidia is going to release less expensive 8800 based cards fairly soon [a few months or so]
    If I were chomping at the bit I would try to wait a while,Hells bells if I could get a BFG 7600gt/oc for $90.00 I'd jump at it,,,then,,, I could sli the sucker..
    For what it's worth...?
    Also you might check out Nvidia's site for update info and the like...
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