Ultra Power Supplies, Opinions!

I would like to know the opinion of you people about the Ultra Power Supplies. I have an Ultra X-Finity 2G 600Watts which is performing really good and has many features that I like including After-Spin Tech.

What do you guys think about Ultra PSU's?
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  1. Personally, i find that Ultra power supplies are fine. I used one in my cheap build and it still works.... but if you have more cash to spend, then i suggest to purchase a better one. ie. Antec, PC Power & Cooling, Seasonic, or Enermax
  2. Well I couldnt find any Antec at 600 watts at a reasonable price thats why I went with Ultra and it looks good so far. Is not a bad brand remember that they sell other kinds of stuff too. Very respetable brand.
  3. I never said that Ultra power supplies were bad...
    Personally, i find that Ultra power supplies are fine.
    But, obviously they aren't top notch and they will get the job done. I have the Ultra X-Finity 600watt power supply that i got from frys.
  4. I would say Ultra psu's are a little below mediocre, i wouldnt get one for a build with a budget of over $550-$600.
  5. I am just curious what is this vast experience of yours which justifies your disliking of Ultra power supplies?? And your tiered list for that matter. Opinions are great and all, just like assholes. We've all got 'em.

    But I have actually used 3 Ultra X-connects in separate systems I have built for people, and that was over 3 years. All are still running to this day, including my own, a Northwood 2.4 running at 3.4 non-stop without crashes in games and benchmarks. Personally, I have nothing but good things to say about ultra PSU's. I do not claim to know where they stack up to every other bloody brand and model out there, because I have not used them all.
  6. ya - most psu's work fine - its how efficent they are and consistent
  7. Well, since it was a good brand it had many features that I liked, I bought it. Also, dad didnt think that spending more than $100 was "reasonable" so I couldnt do anything about it :(
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