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Just put together a new system and not sure what to do with a minor (maybe) issue I'm having. Sometimes when I turn the computer on, everything turns on like it is beginning to boot, but then after about 4 seconds the LED's and fans in the system stop spinning for about 4 more seconds and then everything boots up fine. This doesn't happen everytime though, so I'm not sure what to do.

I was thinking it might be a problem with the power supply not giving enough power (it is a 850w, so should be fine in terms of power). It is an intel board so I installed the Intel desktop Utilities software for hardware monitoring. Most of the different voltages seem to fluctuate some (the 12v for example goes between 11.945 to 11.987) The others don't fluctuate as much, but they do move around some. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the software (i'm not sure how good it actually it) I'm wondering if anyone knows how accurate the software is and if I should worry about my power supply, or if there is any better software out there for checking the hardware status, like voltages, fan speed etc.


EDIT: Just took a closer look and noticed that the 1.5v is staying around 1.26v. Not sure if that will cause any problems or not.
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  1. First of all, the next time you want help list all your components. Second of all im sure you have a gigabyte DS3 :D If you do then all you have to do is update the bios
  2. Confirm those #'s in bios. If they match, the psu isn't very stable.

    List the specs.
  3. Agreed, if you have the Gigabyte S3 or DS3, then 99% sure that's the issue. Just update the BIOS, you can do it through Windows, go to Giga's site and d/l the Win updater. No need to flash it.
  4. Actually its not a Gigabyte. Its an intel dg965wh mobo with e6300. 4gb of RAM, 8800gtx, sata HD, and 2 DVD drives. I'll try updating the bios though.
  5. Quote:
    Actually its not a Gigabyte. Its an intel dg965wh mobo with e6300. 4gb of RAM, 8800gtx, sata HD, and 2 DVD drives. I'll try updating the bios though.

    oops :oops: :roll:
  6. Well. updating the bios didn't RMA here I come LOL
  7. Had a similar problem. System would shutdown after a few seconds at startup intermittently. After trying spare psu, video etc, fixed by removing and refitting motherboard. System had not been touched for ages.
  8. That's for the information. I'll keep that in mind. Right now I'm thinking my PSU is causing a problem though for sure. Since it cannot keep a constant voltage on any of the rails. I looked in the bios and they show a fluctating of numbers also.

    And the computer isn't shutting off altogether, just the lights turn off and everything goes quiet like it is going to shut down but then it starts to boot back up like you had just hit the power button. I also decided to look at the load indicator on my battery backup (I have one of the APC units that have the LCD). and whenever the computer boots up the load starts to go up...and then will drop at the same time as the computer does its weird power down thing.

    There may be other is a fresh build so its possible I plugged one of the cables in backward. On the plugs for the power button and reset switch and such it was hard to determine which was positive and which was negative leads. one end of the cable was labelled with a G so I'm guessing that was the negative end.

    What I'm guessing right now is that since the power supply isn't supplying a stable power it going all weird when the computer tries to draw the initial stream to get it booted up.

    If anyone has any other ideas or anything, I would be grateful for any advice. This is not my first build, just my first one with issues lol.
  9. It could be the power supply. it could be the BIOS. But have you tried removing and reseating all cards (video too) and cables as well?
  10. I don't have any PCI cards, just the video card which is PCI-E. 1 hard drive and 2 dvd drives.

    Could the reseating help with the voltage fluctuations also? If so, I'll check that before I send out the power supply for RMA(was going to send it today).
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