I need a term explained please????

On Bootup I get a message saying my "raid5 is Degraded"

Can someone explain?
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More about term explained please
  1. Generally means that one of the disks in the RAID5 array is no longer participating. This could indicate a bad disk, the controller can't see the disk (cable disconnected, etc), the controller can't recognize the disk (corrupt data), that sort of thing.

    This means you don't have redundancy..if another disk drops out of the array, the array will no longer be usable and you will lose the data. Performance will suffer as the controller will have to reassemble the missing data from the parity blocks on the other disks. Once you have fixed or replaced the disk, the array will need to be rebuilt. This uses the parity blocks from the working disks to rewrite the missing disk's data.
  2. How can I tell which of the 3 aren't working? I have never messed around with raid of any kind until this build. I have 3 320gig seagates. Any help would be great!
  3. That will depend entirely on the RAID controller. Refer to your controller's documentation (or motherboard documentation if it's integrated). Most likely there will be a way to see a list of disks currently in the array and one will be marked as offline. The disks will usually be listed in the order seen by the controller. For SCSI, that's usually determined by the SCSI ID. For SATA, I'd imagine it's done based on the SATA port number. But 99% of my RAID experience is with SCSI and non-integrated controllers, so I could be wrong.
  4. LOL, Thanks!! I'll see what I can figure out! It's one of the new Asus 680i boards, not the striker, the step down from that! LOL I think it uses an Nvidia Raid Controller.
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