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I have a GA-945P S3, and I'm working on overclocking it. Trouble is, my cache drive is an SATA raid array that runs off of a PCI-E card. Whenever I overclock above about 10%, the card stops working properly in Windows, and the drive disappears. If I clock even higher, the system just doesn't post. (I'm not sure if this is hw limitation or the same PCI-E problem)

I think this problem is from the PCI-E bus being set as a fraction of the system bus. Apparently SATA cards have a hard time running at anything above 110mhz. Whatever, the BIOS has a setting to let me control the PCI-E frequency by hand, right? Apparently not. Setting it manually to 100 makes no difference. The system just doesn't post.

Any suggestions? Right now I can overclock and be sans-SATA RAID at about 2.8ghz, but the temp seems fine and I think I can do better. More to the point, I want to be able to use my SATA RAID and overclock at the same time, even if 2.8 is the limit!


GA-945P S3 rev 2
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  1. update: I removed the PCI-E SATA Raid card entirely, and it STILL doesn't post if the PCI-E bus is set manually, to anything at all. Also, the onboard SATA is tempermental about picking up the same drives from the RAID array when I'm overclocked.
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