Intel C2D price cuts

So.. there will be a price cut for the C2D in Q2 2007. I was planning on getting the E6400, but I was wondering if it was worth the wait for the extra 2MB cache. Does the cache difference make the E6420 a lot better than the E6400 or a little better?

And someone please tell me if there might be a RAM and GFX card price cut anytime soon.
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  1. The E6600 will drop to $220, the previous price of the E6400. It would be the better choice for overclocking. RAM prices will remain like this for several months after the release of Vista most likely. Nobody really knows how much RAM Vista will need for a smooth experience so prices are likely to remain like this for some time. Graphics cards prices will remain steady for the most part with maybe minor cuts. Once ATI releases it's R600 based part then prices will shake up some but nothing major.
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