Software RAID 5 on a budget home server!

Hey folks,

After a long time of running an old-school system as a backup server for the home (intel PII 450MHz, Enermax 380W budget psu, 384MB of ram stolen from a dumpster, one 160GB hard drive) I'm thinking about upgrading my system to use software RAID 5.

New Spec
ASUS K8V-VM VIA K8M890, S754, PCI-E (x16), DDR 266/333/400, SATA I, SATA RAID, uATX, On Board VGA (£30)
AMD Sempron 64 2800+ Socket754 , Palermo Core, 1.6GHz , 256KB Cache, Retail (£23)
512MB Elixir, DDR PC2100 (266), 184 Pin, Non-ECC Unbuffered, CAS 3-3-3-8 (£32)
Coolermaster Stacker 4-in-3 Module (STB-3T4-B1) Convert 3x 5.25” bays into 4×3.5” Internal Bay OEM (£10)
200 Gb Samsung SP2004C SpinPoint P120, SATA300, 7200 rpm, 8MB Cache, 8.9 ms, NCQ (four drives at £41 each, £164 total)
CoolerMaster Centurion 5 Silver Case Black Body (Silver Trimmings) w/o PSU (already got this) ( has 3 drive bays covered by an 80mm fan, and 3 5.25" bays spare i can convert)

My question is, will the sempron be powerful enough to run a software RAID level 5 ? I've heard they overclock like hell, so I was thinking about pushing it up to 2.0GHz..
Do you think the sempron at stock clock speed will be able to get good speeds from the four drives? We only use 100mbit network, so do you think it will be able to read/write at that speed?

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Just realised I'm gonna need an extra four SATA ports.. was thinking about this expansion card: (£88)
  2. Onboard raid 5 will not give very good performance, however that card you linked to will work great, I just bought one myself. One question, why only pc2100 ram? On 100mbit that setup will work fine
  3. I got the pci version 1640 in my home server - recently upgraded it, but had it running on a first gen 1.8 Ghz P4 for about 2 years. Works well as long as you don't expect the system to serve continous media streams to hundreds of users :) On a home fileserver it will be fine.
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