Internet on ethernet + external disk on wireless......

I have an ADSL router/modem that is connected to my PC via the ethernet port. I want to use this to connect to the internet.

ALSO I have an external hard disk connected to a wireless router.

However, using both at the same time......

If I have the wireless disconnected, I can see the internet.

Once I enable the wireless - I can see my external disk - but I can no longer see the internet (the ethernet port is OK i.e. active).

I guess the problem is that I seem to have two "gateways" and this is
confusing XP ?

As soon as I turn the wireless off - I can see the internet again via
the ethernet connected modem.

Any clues please as to how I can get both working ??


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  1. Sure, all you need to do is remove the default gateway from your wireless connection. You can either remove the route using the route command from a DOS prompt, or just set a static IP on the interface you use to connect to the external disk and don't specify a gateway. The DOS solution would need to be repeated every time you connect the wireless, so it's better to just manually set the IP address without a gateway.
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