will a 128mb 9200 run with ddr2 ram?

building a new computer, got everything apart from the graphics, mobo hasn't got any onboard graphics so i was wondring whether a 9200 card will run (i.e, just display, no games or anything slightly intensive) with my ddr2 800 ram, it doesn't say anything about ddr2 compatibility in the manual, but i'm guessing none of it was around when this card came out. The card only has to run for about 2 weeks until my next pay cheque comes in when i'll most likely be buying a x1950xt
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  1. There should not be any compatibility issues with the card and DDR2. My only concern is I believe your 9200 is probably an AGP card, but most motherboards that support DDR2, do not support an AGP card, rather most have PCIe slots for graphics. However, there are exceptions. What motherboard did you get?
  2. p5b deluxe (pci express). i'm not that bothered about AGP though, its currently working through a pci slot and managing alright (no games though)
  3. As long as the motherboard has the slot for the card, it will work.
  4. nice one, thanks
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