Is this RAID setup possible?

I read the FAQ but I am still not sure if this is possible. I would like to get up 2 separate RAID configurations. The first would be a RAID 0 for the OS & Apps. Then, i would want a separation RAID 1 for data. With storage so cheap...this seems like a great way to do things. Am I missing something here? Has anyone done this? Basically I am looking for increased performance AND safety for my data. Thanks in advance for all responses.
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  1. It's definitly possible, as long as you have a RAID controller that will support it, and it you have enough room in your case for at least 4 hard drives.
  2. Yes, as long as the RAID controller has connectors for 4 drives, you can use 2 of them in a RAID 0 and the other 2 in a RAID 1. Most on-motherboard RAID solutions and most manufacturer add-on PCI/PCIe cards will support 2 arrays on separate drives.

    As the previous response said, you'll need space in your case for 4 drives. It is recommended with that many drives that some sort of active cooling be used (i.e. case fan blowing over the drives).

    Another option is the Intel Matrix RAID. Intel Matrix RAID has the capability to make 2 different and separate arrays using portions of only 2 drives. Thus you can use 2 physical drives, have a portion of each used for a RAID 0 volume, and the remaining portion of each used to make a RAID 1 volume. Intel Matrix RAID is available on chipsets using the ICH7R or ICH8 southbridge chips.
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