W7 not booting, freeze at loading screen

Hi. Tried my luck at notebookreview and a few other forums, no good responses..

2x2gb ram
Intel Core i430M
ATI Radeon 5850
Seagate 500 GB

When I try to boot it gets stuck at the windows 7 loading screen with the Windows logo blinking like usual loading. Tried leaving it on for 30 minutes, nothing happened.
Safe mode gets to the loading windows files part and freezes there.

First I attempted to use the System Recovery CD it kept on till the loading screen then freezed just like the OS boot.
Same thing with installation disk.

Ram sticks:
Could possibly both fail at once? I don't know how they work, if one or them are the primary stick or whatever. I tried swapping them, still same problem.

Hard disk works just fine connected to my other computer as slave.

Got some of the boot cd programs to work --
Windows Memory Diagnostics
Seagate SeaTools
All passed.

So nothing is wrong with my RAM or hard drive?

Today, Saturday, I transferred the stuff worth keeping on this disk, and reformatted it.
Still same problem when I boot the installation CD!

What causes this problem and how could I fix it? I'm going into the army in two weeks and can't send it to MSI :/

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  1. You said you ran this drive in another compute as a slave so is it an IDE drive? If it is make sure you set it to master in your computer. If this is a SATA drive check the cables and make sure they are tight. You could try a different sata port. You could also check the PSU and make sure that is working correctly
  2. Funny thing, I forgot to mention this is a laptop

    Well, I took it apart earlier today and was sure that I had messed up while screwing it all together again... But suddenly the Installation CD boots! ^^

    Windows can't be installed because the MBR(?) is all messed up. I might have deleted it all while I was troubleshooting.
    At the moment I am trying to use some of the mbr and partition tools on the Hiren CD..
    If I understand correctly I have to make one of the partitions as C: and set them as active?
  3. load up a command prompt from w7 cd.
    bootrec /fixboot
    bootrec /fixmbr
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