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I am planning on buyin a 20.1" monitor. I currenctly have a 6600 DDR2 Gygabite And I am not sure if it supports the max resolution on the monitor. The recommended resolution on the monitor is 1680X1050. If the gfx card dont support it any suggestions on a gfx card that does ?? Money is not an issue here but lets not get ridiculous jus for a gfx card ^_^. I plan on doing some gaming and i need a gfx card good enough to play unreal 2007 and crysis. thanks in advance.
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  1. What's the rest of the system? PCI-E or AGP?

    For PCI-E, 8800GTS would be good, or X1950Pro if you're on a smaller budget.

    For AGP, I wouldn't recommend upgrading, very limited on options, and it's at the end of its life.
  2. yeah sorry it is a PCI-E. Any good Nvidias out there
  3. Nvidia is supposed to release a cheaper form of the GTS in a month or so. I would go with that.
  4. alrighty. Thanks in advance I think I will wait a little bit on them. Any word by how much cheaper??
  5. Rumor has it that they are supposed to sell for around $300. So around 100-150 cheaper.
  6. Around $300 is the rumor.

    Should perform similar to a X1950XT.
  7. My 1900 xt does that rez, so a 1950 should as well. I would think any of the 8xxx series will as well
  8. alrighty thanks.
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