Netgear WPN824 and World of Warcraft issues

I'm having a problem with my Netgear WPN824 v. 1 and World of Warcraft 2. whatever the latest is as of 1/16/07. Basically what happens is whenever anyone on the network launches WoW, the game will load until the point where your in the "world" but you won't see any other characters, and within 30 seconds or so you will be disconnected from WoW.

Once disconnected, the wireless connection to the router still shows as connected, but the router won't respond to pings to the default gateway or respond in any other way. It also somehow puts the cable modem on standby (Using a Motorola SB5120 v.4). At this point you have to unplug both the router and modem to regain connectivity.

Has anyone else had this problem? I've tried port-forwarding, using a static I.P. with the DMZ pointing towards it, and basically everything else I could think of.

Any help would really be appreciated!

Also in case I missed anything I made a post on my site describing the problem that can be found
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  1. I am experiencing the exact same issue. I can't stay connected to the game for more than 30 seconds or so before the connection crashes. Then it does the same thing. It looks like I'm still connected but the router has gone into standby and has to be reset. Unfortunately I can't find anyone who knows how to fix it...if there is anyone.
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