C2D Temperature Warning!

Hi, Just installed a C2D 6300, using TAT, the temperatures captured are as follows:

Asus P5B
C2D 6300
1GB Twinmos DDR2 667
GFX 7300
Using Stock Fan, No Overclocking
Using Coolermaster Centrion 534 casing with both fans active.

CPU Temp (TAT)
IDLE: 41-42 Degrees
100% Load: 60-62 Degrees
CPU Fan Speed: More than 2000 RPM

ASUS Utility
IDLE: 48-49 Degrees
100% Load: 66 Degrees

MB Temp:
38-39 Degrees

Tried to remove the fan and added Thermal Paste, but the results still the same. MOBO alerting me that my CPU temperature is not normal

Is it normal? i had read in some reviews that the idle temperature was supposed to be the ambient temperature. Is any of you guys having the same problem as me?
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  1. Download and install core temp, you'll get more accurate readings. The load temps are a little high, but nothing to worry about. Please tell me you remembered to clean the stock paste off the bottom of the hsf before putting on more.
  2. Yep - use core temp even though TAT isn't too far off.

    Get latest BIOS, as they reworked the libraries that does the CPU Core 1 and 2 (Seen in Core Temp) to CPU temp (Seen in PC Probe) translation.

    There seems to be a 10C difference between Core temps and the nominal CPU temp - so where Core Temp goes to 60C, you *might* be in the 50C range.

    The alarm errors are generated from the PC Probe software, which by default have really low settings. You'll have to adjust this.

    Also, it seems as though your CPU temp is higher than TAT, and even though at this point it's not very accurate, it's still wrong - TAT and Core Temp will be higher than your CPU temp based on what was said above - so I'm hoping a BIOS update will fix this. My P5B went from 1C offset between Core and CPU, to 17C offset, of which +-10C I consider to be valid.
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