Sell my p c for cash

i am looking to sell my gaming pc tower ad hav no idea how much its worth please could someone put a realistic price to it
FULL SPEC:Water cooled gaming pc tower with clear case and blue neon strip lights::: AMD Athlon 64 processor 3700+, 1.50GB Memory,Hiper R580W Power Supply,ASUS Motherboard,Maxtor 120GB Hard Drve and Western digital 80GB Hard Drive, Geforce FX5500 Graphics card, and 5.1 Soundcard,CD and DVD Re-Writers. it also has an expensive water cooling system.
thanks everybody
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  1. That wouldn't be much, it is worth around 100-200 even with the expensive water cooling, it is worth less with out an operating system.
  2. Completely obsolete. I honestly don't know that anyone would buy it at all except to have something to use for the internet. Even then a modern netbook is just as powerful. Watercooling is not a selling point when it's on hardware that obsolete. Personally I doubt it would sell at all.

  3. Without knowing where the OP lives, is 100 to 200 a meaningful evaluation? 100 to 200 dollars, US, Canadian, Aus - GBP Rupees or baked beans?

    To my thinking, the size of the hard disks date the box to the XP era but if it doesn't have an OS, it would run a Linux system pretty well and could be ideal for someone. In the UK, I would probably offer £120 for it with XP included.
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