Building my own, looking for assistance

This is the first time I've attempted to build my own computer, though I have some experience, I am more then happy to take some advice. I've bookmarked some hardware on I hear is the best place to get hardware). Let me know what you think!

Case - Antec Performance Mid Tower Computer Case

Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz

Hard Drive - Western Digital Raptor 150GB 10,000 RPM

Optical Drives - Sony DVD Burner

Memory- Corsair (2 x 1GB) DDR2 SDRAM

Motherboard - EVGA NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard

Power Supply Unit - OCZ GameXStream 700W

Floppy Drive - Mitsumi USB 2.0 with digital card reader

Sound Card - Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS Platinum

Video Card - eVGA GeForce 8800GTX

Monitor - ViewSonic 19" LCD

All of this for about $2000 and $1800 after rebates. I'm looking for advice on my choices of hardware, and compatibility! Thanks for reading and know that I really appreciate assistance!

Edit: Forgot to mention I'm most likely going to be using Windows Vista as an Operating System, and I will probably overclock also.
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  1. Doh! Thought I put it in there!

    Video Card - eVGA GeForce 8800GTX
  2. Would you recommend 2x eVGA GeForce 8800GTX, or perhaps buy one and then if I think I need another?
  3. Quote:
    Would you recommend 2x eVGA GeForce 8800GTX, or perhaps buy one and then if I think I need another?

    Personally unless you need this system now, let the video card thing unravell, now is a bad time to be getting the best video card, considering so soon dx10 is coming out and in 4 5 months all games will be using it, and you want the best dx-10 card not the best sub launch. I mean say in 2 months 10 cards are released and 3 of them beat that gtx. The top dog is prolly 700, then the 2nd is 500, the 3rd is 4XX, and then ur gtx is 3 something, you could almost go sli GTX for that price.

    Thats just my thought, and if you don't want to wait, get one to hold you over till prices go down and you can get another one.
  4. good advice, chances are i'll get one to hold me over :P
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