24 pin power supply in 20pin motherboard

Is putting a 24 pin power supply in a 20 pin motherboard possible? The pinout seems to be the same with the exception of the extra 4 pins. What I am thinking is that I could just hang those extra pins over the end of the motherboard connecter. Would this work? Will it damage anything?

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Thanks for the great link and the info!

    I think I will use that power supply then!
  2. It will work. If you want the power adapter cable 20 pin male to 24 pin female here is one.

  3. Yeh, you can hang the extra 4-pins off the side so long as there isn't another component in the way. But you usually don't have to, as most 24-pin power supplies now use a split connector with a 4-pin segment clipped to a 20-pin segment.
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