Whats wrong with Newegg...?

I ordered a HD 5850 last wednesday and thursday they were saying that :

2010/07/01 20:21 Left via LOS ANGELES - LAX depot

Now its still saying the same thing on Newegg.ca and Purolator.
I just called purolator 10 minutes ago and they told me that they didnt even received the mail and that it didnt even pass the USA/Canada border......

Now i'm trying to contact the support but the page keeps redirecting me to the initial choices of support which means I can't access their online support.

This is my first time ordering from Newegg and I must say that i'm really pissed off of the poor support and tracking they gave me. I would really be suprise to even order from them again.

Am I the only one?
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  1. Dear bobofdark ,

    I apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced with this shipping situation and inability to contact us.
    If you could please contact me at Maverick.B.Iniguez@newegg.com or call me at: 1800-390-1119 to provide me with the order details so I can remedy this issue.
    Thank you.

  2. There is a brief lag between events and updates on the website. Overall, Newegg is great regarding prices, shipping, services!
  3. Well, I finally got updated on my tracking it says that it arrived in vancouver last night so i would be greatly suprised to get it today since i heard some bad thing about the shipping of purolator ( not ringing the bell or just knocking on the door for some retarded reason of not waking up people ).

    I'm pretty sure even if my brother will be at home all day tomorrow that they will just put a ticket.
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