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I have a Belkin Wireless G Router and I want to know how to make my network secure to only the two computers that I have running on it(the main computer and my laptop) so that no other outside user can gain access to my connection
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  1. There is no fool proof way execpt to pull the plug. But you can minimize the exposure.

    Make sure your router's firewall is on.
    Turn off respond to ping.
    Make sure you are using WPA with string key, has a generator to create one for you.

    DO NOT RUN P2P SOFTWARE. or IE (too many holes)

    Run Shieldsup from to make sure you have no ports open and runing in stealth mode.

    Run AV, Firewall's, Spyware/adware scanning software. As for Spy/Adware you will need at least 2, none catches everthing. Have one running at all times and do manual scans on regular basis.

    When PC is not needed TURN THEM OFF.

    Good luck with your belkin, they come with added features like lockup's dropped connections. They are cheap and that what you get.
  2. basically you want to do the following to make things as secure as possible.

    enable WPA (WPA2 is better if it is an option on the router) but WPA if that is all you got.

    you can enable MAC filters on most wifirouters (not that hard to defeat but might as well)

    make sure to change the default Admin password on the router

    change the Default SSID

    be a good neighbor..... (unlike my moron nieghbors) and double check for other existing Wifi networks and pick a channel unused by other previously installed wireless networks.

    if you do these things you will not be 100% assured that none can ever gain access, but you'll be about as safe as you reasonably can w/ the equipment you have.
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