I have a X1950XT HIS Video card w/ an XION 600 Watt SLI PS (44 A on +12, 22 A + 22 A).

The problem is that whenever I am running any 3d app, i dont see the fan speed up. I have the latest drivers installed (7 series drivers from ATI). Is it okay? Should I run ATItool instead? Thanks
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More about scared running x1950xt apps please help
  1. Use atitool you can adjust the fan rpm to your needs and it lets you monitor the temps.
  2. ATI cards by default only switch to higher RPM at one very late point, meaning that from 0 to 70C, you run 33% RPM, and then all of a sudden it jumps to higher RPM. You have to wonder why at this stage, and I can only say that if ATI ships the card like this, and adds a warantee on top of that then you shouldn't worry too much - untill your warantee falls away and by this time chances are that you already upgraded again.

    Just check your temps with Ati Tool and ATi Tray Tools. MAYBE you have a cool system and your card is okay. If the temps are a bit high (from 85C to 90C up in my view) then you might want to adjust your fan speeds to toggle at lower temps, at the cost of noise though.
  3. Quote:
    Use atitool you can adjust the fan rpm to your needs and it lets you monitor the temps.

    Agreed, it's not the fan you should be worried about, it's temps! If they hit 80+ degrees, I would look into it.
  4. Thanks. I have another question. I have an AMD 3700+ currently in the system, and my 3dmark 05 score is around 9800 w/ only 512 MB RAM. Is it more important for me to go to 1.0 GB or a faster CPU?
  5. Grab another 512 stick. While a cpu will probably give you an overall faster system, doubling your memory is really cheap, and you'll notice a much smoother system. Just make sure you try and find the exact same memory as the 512 you currently have. Some motherboards don't like it when you mix and match different brands. Above all that though, a score close to 10k in 3dmark 05 is right where it should be with a videocard like that.
  6. Yup, ATI Tool is the way to go.
  7. Thanks for the quick replies!!!

    On my way to get another 512 MB RAM stick
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