AMD fx-8150 can it handle multiple gpu's

I am building my second gaming rig and I really need help deciding whether to go for amd or intel.
I've already chosen my amd setup which is

AMD fx-8150 CPU 
Asus GeForce GTX 660 - 2GB
ASUS M5A99 X EVO 990X AM3+  Motherboard 

I would like to know if amd could handle two or maybe 3 gpu's? My friend swears that the Intel Core i5-3570k could handle any game or multiple video cards you throw at it. I would think amd is best and use the saved money on ram or better video cards but if the 3570k is really that much better I'd like to know
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  1. Intel.

    Nuf said .
  2. For gaming go for the intel setup.
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