Monitor connectors!!

Can someone let me know the connector type for this graphics card please.
I run two screens from the desktop pc, one using VGA the other usinga DV connector on the PC end.
Recently I bought a new Dell PC that came with a Digital card but it has some pins missing and my cable wont fit.
The graphics card has the usual 2 blocks of 3x3 pins and the horizontal one - but the pins above and below the horizontal line are missing !!
Any help is appreciated - what is this connector called, as opposed to the one with the extra pins? Whats the difference ?
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  1. It's a Single-Link DVI as opposed to the Dual-Link cable you have. See the picture about halfway down the wiki page ( ) to see the different DVI kinds.


    Edit: sorry the cable you have is DVI-I (digital + analog) and your dell has DVI-D (digital only). You will need a DVI-D Single-Link cable.
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