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I bought a new rig from CyberPower (never again) and everytime I start playing a game the machine will either artifact and minimize the game, artifact and close the application or re-boot my PC after 1 min to 1/2 hour of gameplay. Here are the specs:

Mother: Asus PN5SLI
GPU: Sapphire Ati 1950xtx

My worry is that the Motherboard and GPU are incompatable. I was assured by CP that they were, and thats why I went for the SLI board (future upgrades). Now I'm regretting it. I've tried every driver from Ati and nothing has helped solve this issue. Heat should not be an issue as I have 2 case fans and thermal grease on the CPU.

Is there a driver available to fix this issue? Can anyone help?
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  1. Sounds like a bum video card. What are the temps on the GPU?

    EDIT: It's not a compatibility issue between the motherboard and the GPU. It sounds like an issue with the GPU card itself.
  2. Not sure what the temp is, how can I find out? (ts probably something easy, isn't it)

    Thanks for the help, I just hope its not the Card, as it was quite expensive and dealing with Ati's customer support has been less than pleasureable.
  3. Open up the ATI control panel. You should have an ATI logo in the lower right corner of your screen. Double-click it. To the left you'll see various options including temperature. Select it and watch the thermal reading. You may want to leave it open, try gaming for a bit and then go back to it to see what your 3D temps are like.

    Shouldn't you be dealing with CyberPower and not ATI?
  4. I tried to deal with CyberPower, but their support is for s**t. Its almost impossible to get any help, and when I finally got some help, they wanted me to ship it back to them at my expense, which would cost a ton of money.

    I'll NEVER use them again... EVER. I should have listened to all the warnings I saw on forums all over the internet. Sure, you get a lot for the money, but what good is it if the damn thing doesn't WORK right out of the box?

    Next time I'll spend a little more and get a reputable company to build my rig.
  5. Or just build it yourself. :wink:
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