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Im running a domain on a windows 2003 server.On the client pc's I cannot see a list of the computers on the domain when I go th My network, I can however access them using the IP address or computer name, could anyone tell me why Im not able to see a list of the computers?

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  1. Are all of the PCs members of the domain? Set to use the domain controller as primary DNS?
  2. All the computers are part of the same domain and I have set it up as the primary dns controller.
  3. Windows network computer browser can be both incredibly slow and malfunctional,

    Leave all the computers on and check your my network places in 20 minutes to see if any of the machines are there. If not connect to them with the computer name \\server\folder using the computer search window and then simply map the shared folders as a drive on all your workstations.
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