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Two of my flatmates and I are going to be getting adsl installed in our building (we live in halls of residence, but its privatly owned halls so not connected to the university network).

We are on the same floor of the building and not that far apart. One is two rooms down from me and the other in the next room to me.

We are trying to decide what would be best for internet connection sharing and lan gaming. We will also be playing games online together like quake 3 and return to castle wolfenstein.

I have been trying to decide between wireless or a wired network. Trialing cables down the hall isent a problem. Looking at the prices for the gear we need, wireless is looking more expensive, for us the cheaper the better.

Just need to check what we need for both types of network, so far were looking at:


Wireless LAN PCI Adapter £31.73 (x3)
Wireless LAN Broadband Router 4+1 £76.38


Edimax 4 Port Broadband Router £37.60
Edimax 8 Port 10/100 Switch £22.33
We have got plenty of stright through and cross over cat 5.

Is that all we need for each type of network? Do we need some sort of wireless router to allow the machines to communicate to each other and not just share the net connection? Do you get decent pings on a wireless network?

In regards to a wired network. Do you set it up by connecting the adsl modem directly to the 4 port broadband router then connect the broadband router to the switch via patch cat 5 then from the switch to the NIC's via stright through cat 5.


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  1. For the wired setup, you dont need the 8 port switch. Get a 4 port router/switch combo will do you fine. Wireless would be the best setup but more security concerns. Wired would be fastest for file transfers. Either setup would be fine for net and online gameing.
  2. I perfer wired setup if cabling is not a problem. It is faster and cheaper. I only use wireless setup for my notebooks.
  3. Cheers for the suggestions guys. Were gonna opt for a wired network as wireless is just too expensive.

    I have not seen any broadband router/switch combos on the websites ive been on yet. Can anybody recomend a site thats uk/europe based that sell them?
  4. I know linksys sells one BEFSR41 4 port switch/router combo. Should be able to get one iin the UK.
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