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I just got a Liteon DVD Burner and Player it was working fine yesterday, no problems, now the drive isn't being recognized.. what happened, The light comes on and you hear that its running but my comp says that there is no drive there.... i was watching a movie last night and was working at 1 am , now its not recognized :-(
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  1. Does the bios see it? If not the drive may be bad. If so then RMA it or take it back to where you bought it.
  2. Al's right!

    With computer components, early failure usually means a chip problem. But for thoroughness, boot back up to the BIOS, and on the CMOS page check to see if the BIOS recognizes it. If not, check to make sure the data cable is seated tightly. Remove and insert it again. These non clipped SATA terminals can easily move with heat or more commonly vibration motion.

    Then boot back up into Windows and in the Device Manager, check to see if the OS sees the DVD-ROM device.
    If not, then back it goes. Lite-On are very good DVD burners, I have several.

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