Computer help please!

Hey guys, I have a problem with my computer.
If I shut it down, I have to hit the on button about 100 times to get it to power up, sometimes the computer shuts down by it's self.

Could it be the case?
The red light on the MB stays on so I don't think it's the PSU.
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  1. PSU might be dying....

    That would explain the machine shutting down by itself.
  2. Bad power supply?
    How come the red light stays on the MB?
  3. Because it's an LED that requires very little current to operate. The power supply can probably run that just fine. It only sh!ts itself when the computer is running (i.e. using more power than the onboard LED) or when you try to turn it on (because hitting the on button causes a power spike).
  4. It happens when I play Q4 or oblivion.
    when I hit the power button it tries to turn on but fails " like a car trying to start ' after awhile it'll turn on.

    so 90% chance it's the power supply?
    It also sounds like a fan is runs high and slows down, then speeds up then slows down.
    The PSU does seem a bit warm.
  5. I had this just recently, it turned out to be a bad PSU. Swap in a different psu if you can and see if it fixes the problem
  6. When you turn on your system a lot of newer video cards will run at full speed at first and then slow down. They will usually slow down again once they get into Windows and the driver has loaded. Under periods of heavy gaming (like Oblivion) the video card will often spin up faster which makes them louder.

    Some newer power supplies will also act the same way at startup. When the system is first turned, their fans spin at full speed. They will then cut back and adjust speed depending on temperature or current flow (not sure which, most likely temp).

    The problems you're indicating could certainly be attributed to a faulty PSU. What's the make and model of yours?
  7. Antec 2.0 .
    I've read a few reviews where they've died after 6 months, so I'm thinking that's my problem.
    You are right, it has a second fan at start up that kicks in.
    any idea who makes good PSU's w/o costing alot? I need a 500w with enough juice to run a x1900xt 512, with an Athlon 64 3200.
  8. had the same problem with my Antec SmartPower 2.0 500w. I bought this PSU because it was a fairly cheap modular power supply. It worked for about 4 months or so then died. I was able to RMA back to newegg and get a new one, which went fairly quick. So in the meantime I used another 500w I had lying around until it got back. On arrival I installed and tested it out, but this time it made an arching sound inside the PSU, that made me a bit worried as it was quite loud too. RMA'ed again, so this time I am on my third Antec SmartPower 2.0, overall would not recommend this PSU.

    AMD Athlon X2 4200+
    DFI Ultra-D NF4
  9. I was just going to ask if it was an Antec SmartPower 2.0. I'm having the same problem with mine. :(
  10. yeah mines the same smartpower 2.0
    I'm leaning toward this PSU
  11. Don't know much about Hiper. FSP makes some quality items. I'm currently looking at this Mushkin 550W unit.
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