Using a Router with Dial-up

Greetings to all, this is my first time posting on TG.

Anyways, let's get straight to the point. Is it possible to use a router with dial-up? My answer is no (and I hope I am right) so is the only choice of sharing an internet connection is using a star topography(I'm sure this is not the right word, I forgot what it was). But a problem I have is that I can't seem to find a ethernet hub anywhere right now. So is there another way to do it?

Also, do those USB to ethernet port thing work? Cause if i have to use a hub, i need an extra ethernet port for the one that connects to the internet and I dont feel like opening up the HP case just cuz im scared I might break the cheap mobo inside. I'll do it if I have to, but if thoes USB to ethernet works, it'll save time.

Background info following (if you are interested).
This so called "dial-up" is actually from Bell. Its something called "business high speed dial". I need to get some sort of internet sharing between 2 computers. My friend wanted me to help her wife's small home office to set it up. Well changing to DSL or cable is not an option because they are in a business tower and he says that the tower blocks accessing to internet except for using their service ($100+ a month). So he wants to keep this dial-up thing.

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  1. You are wrong. There are router out there that support dial-up.

    The usb to ethernet does work, but poorly in 1.1 . Most all pc's built in the last couple of years have ethernet. Usually located above the usb ports.

    The service you refere to is ADSL. They work no different than any other dsl service. As for bussiness class router will dial up, look at Netgear FVS328. The fvs models have a serial port for dial-up. The old SMC7004ARB have serial ports and are 5 + years old. Don't recomend them they are real slow.

    The other network that is run from pc - pc in a circle is called Token ring. Uses a coax and special nic cards. Run the cat5, better and faster. If you don't want to run wires goes wireless.
  2. Ahoy. Thanks for the reply. I'm just new to doing networking and it was an on the spot thing and got stuck :? . I actually just went to buy a ethernet card to plug into one of the computers. I know there is a ethernet port near the USB ports but that is already being used by the modem.

    I actually have a old hub at home that im going to bring down tomorrow and just plug stuff in. XP has a pretty decent network wizard and im just going to click along with it :D . If my hub doesn't work, then I'm gonna head over to one of those small cmoputer stores and get a switch.

    Any more comments are appreciated :D
  3. If's it's a hub you will not be able to use it on the modem. Unless you have IP address from your isp, you generally one get 1. You need a router to connect to the modem. You can use the hup to share the internet connection coming from the pc to other pc's. But all trafic will go through 1 pc.
  4. Actually, that sounds more like ISDN than DSL to me. The whole dial-up thing, since DSL is "always on". I don't think many people actually use that for Internet though, so who knows.

    If you need a router that supports dial-up, check out 3Com's LAN modems. I don't know if they still make them, but I know you can get them incredibly cheap on eBay, etc. I think they make a 1 port and a 2 port model, with 1 and 2 56k modems respectively. I used to have the 2 port model and it worked pretty well overall. You can't go wrong trying one, last time I looked they were available for under $10 on eBay.
  5. Well I went and got it all hooked up with my old hub and it all works fine. There was already a router for the internet connection.

    Thanks for the replies anyways. I never knew there was a router that could dial-up for you. :D
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