Your thoughts on which case to buy

I'm going to build a new PC and would like your opinions on which case to use.

Will probably get a Gigabyte 965P-S3/DS3 or Asus P5B-E motherboard with a Core2Duo chip/ATI x1950 Video Card.

The cases I'm looking at are:

Antec Solo - $95.00

Antec Sonata II - $119.00 450W PSU included

Antec NSK6500 - $119.00 430W PSU included

I really like the Solo and would put an OCZ GameXstream 600W PSU (so it's total would be around $220.00

If I went with the Sonata II or the NSK 6500, would the PSU included provide enough power? It would be great to use the money saved on other components. But, I love the look of the SOLO, lol

Your opinions are appreciated!
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  1. If you want a stylish and quiet pc check out the Antec p180 or p180B.
    No PSU but thats a good thing as you can get what you want, rather pay for some piece of cheap sh1t that comes with the case.
  2. The P180 is a little steep once you add in the PSU - What are your thoughts on the SOLO?
  3. I know it's a bit expensive - but the P180 is one of the better (top 10?) cooling cases out there - plus it is nicely styled. It has a load of engineering around it as well, rubberized grommets for the hard drives, a rubberized psu cage, removable drive cages, drive rails - heck it even has a hiding place for spare parts. Not to mention the two zones of cooling - lower and upper, and the removable washable air filters.

    Regardless, make sure you get a case with at least 2-120mm fans. This will help ensure good air flow. If you are building a budget system, you could do worse than Antec cases with included PSUs. Though it is generally better to buy a solid case and a solid PSU for exactly what you need.

    A decision on a case is personal - it depends on what you like or don't like. Since you included the Sonatta - I will assume you do not like the windows, neon or space alien design aspects of some cases.

    If you do choose the P180 (or P180B), You will not be disappointed. Do your research, and have fun.
  4. I don't mind windows...for me, cheaper is better - that's why I don't want to buy the P180 ($160.00 Canadian + another $130 for PSU = almost $300).

    Here is the site I'll be buying from: PCVillage - Mid Tower list (4 pages)

    PCVillage Mini-Tower list

    Does Thermaltake make a good case? Link to list of Thermaltake Cases B/C they have quite a few options under $100.00 (without PSU)
  5. I have heard good things about the SOLO so I would say thats the better one from the list.

    Still, I would go for the P180B which is the best Antec has right now ;)
  6. I can save $65.00 if I buy the Antec Solo instead of the P180.

    The Solo only has one 120mm fan (in the rear)...will this be a huge issue? I would really like to save the $60 and put it towards other components.

    Thanks for all your help!
  7. Well I dont really know exact details about the SOLO but if it has enough space and the holes for extra fans then go for it. Remember that Air flow on the case is one of the most important things inside the case specially if you plan to overclock.
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