Who makes the best 8800 GTS?

So are all the 8800 GTS's out there the same, or do some perform better than others?

The Leadtek is the cheapest right now AR, followed by the EVGA, which comes with software. Looks like the XFX comes with a headset that I don't want.

Are they all equally hot, power consumers, etc? (Aside from the factory OC's, which I'm not interested in anyway because I can OC myself and save a few bucks).

What's the verdict people? Anyone want to relay their experiences with the 8800 GTS?

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  1. Hmmm not really sure but they are almost the same. Some have higher core clocks others have higher memory clocks but thats by 10mhz max.

    You should go by the most known brand, like eVGA or XFX. Avoid PNY which has the worst customer support as I have heard.
  2. I have to agree with what Slim said 100%. I am personally getting the EVGA.
  3. Quote:
    I have to agree with what Slim said 100%. I am personally getting the EVGA.

    Sounds wise. The BFG's are more expensive than the rest... or at least I don't see many rebates for them at the moment.

    I would sure like to see a better game than Dark Messiah (no offense fans) bundled on the evga. Or a decent gamepad would be nice.

    I'm trying to make myself wait until they drop below $350 AR, but I just sold my old Celeron rig for $200 and it's burning a whole in my wallet.
  4. Go with eVga, BFG, XFX. I personaly own and like eVga because of thier step-up program and overclocking the card wont void the warranty.
  5. I prefer and own evga, because of their step-up program and warranty
  6. BFG. :D
  7. Didnt know there were so many evga fans in here :D
  8. eVGA do a good overclocket version of the GTS.
  9. BFG has the best warranty, and reportedly very good customer support.
  10. Right now there is an overclocked version of the GTS called 8800 GTS Superclocked which is the best option right now (I believe)
  11. So I looked around, here are some options now:

    PNY: not sure but it's cheap (relatively speaking) ~400

    XFX: comes with a gaming headset. You can also get the XXX overclocked version for more money. ~400 - ~460(OC) AR

    BFG: not sure, people seem to like the warranty. oh, you get some stickers to "customize" your card or case. and a t-shirt. :roll:

    MSI: serious sam packaged ~390 AR

    eVga: step-up program for 90 days, Dark Mess., you can OC w/o voiding warranty. ~370AR, ~409OC, ~460 watercooled [edit: it's not watercooled, it's ACS3 cooling]

    Leadtek: card looks cool, Spellforce(?), Trackmania Nations ~365 AR

    Asus: probably the best package I've seen so far: you get GRAW, GTR racing, and 3dmark06 complete. Who knows about the actual card though. ~440

    Foxconn: overclocked, you get a cheap-looking gamepad ~430

    gigabyte: ~460
  12. I've always thought that the XFX cards were slightly better.
  13. Go with any that makes you feel safe. Thats all I can say.
  14. Thats gonna be crazy ;)
  15. Quote:
    Go with the Superclocked EVGA Gts, its on newegg.com for $409 and its Oc'ed by EVGA to near stock GTX numbers...Im ordering it this weekend upgrading from my 2.5 year old X800 Pro. Looking forward to seeing the difference on my new Gateway 24 inch flat panel at 1920 x 1200 res...

    You will be loving that.

    I kind of like the sound of the KO version:


    Anything that will keep the heat down in my case will probably be good... and it's overclocked. The price is almost $100 more than the vanilla-EVGA GTS after rebate though.

    I wonder how much it will be in a month... :?:
  16. Is it me? cuz I think that card looks smaller than any other 8800 I have seen... weird...
  17. superclocked has always higher clocks than KO cards :wink:
  18. idk, but I like that evga gives you many choices to choose from like

    KO AC3
    KO superclocked
    GT KO
    GTX KO
    GTX KO AC3

    etc etc etc
  19. Doesnt matter, I think with 3 years of warranty is enough. You wont use the same card for 3 years... will ya? :lol:
  20. Quote:
    whats the biggest difference from the KO than the superclocked one, the numbers look the same and $50 more? Is it any better?

    The numbers are almost the same out of the box. I think the extra $50 is for the ACS3 fan. Supposedly will keep the heat down somewhat, which would make it worth it to me if that cooling unit really is effective. I wonder if it's the same size. I don't see a physical dimension for it. Says it still needs 400W and 26A like the other evga's.
  21. Quote:
    I have to agree with what Slim said 100%. I am personally getting the EVGA.

    Wait, the gts drops to $300 soon,

    O RLY?
  22. Quote:
    Doesnt matter, I think with 3 years of warranty is enough. You wont use the same card for 3 years... will ya? :lol:

    That's what the video card companies are counting on, isn't it? I am hoping that a 8800 card will keep me happy for a year. Hard to imagine tho.
  23. Quote:
    yes, its all over the internet, just google $300 8800gts, since so many sites have supported this, I am betting on this will actually happen

    Oh, you mean the new version with 320mb instead of 640? Supposed to retail for $299...
  24. Quote:
    Yeh thats what Ive been reading, Im just going with the superclocked, its a steal at $409 at newegg. I still cant believe my X800 pro is playing Bf 2142 at 1920 x 1200 res, its been a awesome card the last couple years worth the $416 I paid for it when it was released in May 2004. .. but its time for Direct X 10 and Vista

    Heres what Im going with...

    Athlon 64 5200+
    Evga superclocked 8800 gts(will buy second one this summer for SLI setup)
    Asus M2n Sli deluxe
    2 x 1Gb sticks of Corsair Xms2 DDR2 800(will have 4gb total by summer)
    240 gb WD Sata Raid 0
    750 W Thermaltake PS
    24 inch Gateway widescreen Flat panel DVI D connection 1920 x 1200 Res
    Audigy Xfi extreme gamer sound card
    Logitech Z-5300 5.1 speakers
    3 memorex Dvd burners at 16x
    and 7 cooling fans all glowing green in my Antec Atx Case

    Any thoughts on this setup.....

    Nice setup... so you've gone the distance with everything else in there, why not splurge on the 8800GTX, and then get another when the prices drop? Might be worth it for the 24" screen. Hold off on the 4gb of DDR2 and get the very top card!
  25. Well I pulled the trigger yesterday and went with the standard evga 8800gts. I had a gift certificate for Amazon, so I had to get the $414.00 version to save some money. Hopefully the Tigerdirect will get my rebate to me as well. I've been off of work for the last few days because of snow, so this is what happens!

    Anyhow, I'm looking forward to playing Medieval 2 and Oblivion with the eye candy turned up... and I can OC if I need to...

    The evga does have a lifetime warranty, pretty good tech support in their forums (I checked it out yesterday), and the stepup program if the 89's come out in the next 3 months and smoke the 88's.
  26. Quote:
    you knowme, 6600gt all the way :lol: - inside joke to all others who don't understand

    VIVA LA GEFORCE 6600 (and GT too) :D
  27. is not a bad card, I use the 6600 in agp 4x mode and is not that bad. Although you are using PCI express and the gt so I supposed the you had a good perfomance.
  28. Just purchased a GTS from eVGA. Before them, I always went with BFG because of their warranty and I've had such great customer support multiple times with them (you cant beat getting 4600 replaced by a 5900xt because the fan was dying, even though its a 5xxx Geforce). I went out on a limb this time with eVGA because 1) they had basically the same warranty and 2) BFG was $40 w/o the $30 MIR.

    I've only thrown COH at full settings at the card so car - flawless. No complaints.
  29. evga has won the respect of a lot of people :wink: I just hope they continue their good work.
  30. I heard Leadtek support was Extremly crappy...never had to deal with them, just what Ive read here on the Forums...Avoid them at this point.
  31. I have never bought anything but evga and that was usually just because they were speced out nice and with nice bundles. I never knew about the step-up program until i bought dual 7900gs's and then the 8800 boom dropped and i caved and had to have one. so i sold one 7900gs and step'd up the other one (at 215.99 when they were selling for 145 at the time) and fell in love with their customer service, honesty and candor in helping me get it out before the largest lan party of the year for me. evga will remain my card of choice till the day i die...unless they start bundling stupid shit with their cards then i might go bfg :lol:

    AMD X2 4200+ @2.4
    ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe
    evga 8800gts
    2GB DDR400 (2x1GB G.Skill)
    Rosewill 600W PSU
    SB Audigy 2 ZS
    3DMark03 = 23,101
  32. Yeha me too I have always go with evga because of their great services and warranty. I hope that one day Ill have the GTX :P
  33. Yeha me too I have always go with evga because of their great services and warranty. I hope that one day Ill have the GTX :P
  34. Gainward Cards are good overclockers, I know from personal experience, and from what I've read on the net.
    Take a look here:
    Gainward Bliss 8800GTS SLI @621/2052
    Somewhere in all of that mess you should see the clock rates(I think). But the 3d mark scores speak for themselves :D
  35. well im getting married at the end of the month and i couldn't part with the extra money without my fiancé whoopin my ass...but with the prices falling on the cards already im going to snag another gts and claim its honeymoon related expenses :lol:

    it is true that the prices on evga's site are more and you have to pay for shipping again but i will pay another 30 bucks on the card and 10 on shipping to avoid getting shafted on a fair price on my old card and having to shell out more money otherwise.
  36. You might want to reconsider the Asus mobo. I've built two different systems using that board, and both have caused me some sort of problem. One board shipped with a bad BIOS chip (the thing actually had the word "NO" written on it in blue marker!!!), and my current system has a bad cpu temp probe on it (reads cpu temp at well above its actual temp, I'm pretty sure my non oc'd 4200+ isn't running at 56C!!!). Not to mention, their support seemed pretty lackluster when I called them about a new BIOS chip. Probably should have just RMA'd it to Newegg...anyway, you might want to look elsewhere. Two bad boards in a row just seems...well, bad.
  37. Quote:
    superclocked has always higher clocks than KO cards :wink:

    Actually slim, as I was saying, the xfx xxx has the highest clocks, but the gtx ko acs3 is clocked 5mzh higher than the super clocked, but the difference is probably nothing in any performance tests or benchmarks
    and the here's the xfx
    All of the oc'd cards seem to max out with 2ghz ram, is that a wall, or they just do want to implement better cooling like evga did with the acs3?

    Actually Tacos, Im talking about the eVGA series cards only not XFX cards. In eVGA, the superclockeds are the fasters (but sometimes eVGA releases ACS3 versions which are sometimes faster)
  38. But you also get a card that overheats less (as far as I know thats what acs3 is for) but you pay a lot extra so i hate them :evil:
  39. Yes, whenever you see that the hole card is covered with a black plastic and you can only see the power connector is because is an ACS3 card. The prices, well as far as I KNEW, they were more than $10 extras... but I see on newegg they are at a good price, maybe because of the R600 coming...

    Anyways, VR-zone made a good review with 2 8800GTX ACS3 review many weeks ago, just lookin at the box is so sexy 8O
  40. I can probably float you a mx440 on the expenses, the rest has been spent on various trinkets and baubles...sorry :lol:

    The acs3 is the upgraded cooling like we all know and it supposedly will let you overclock it more than a stock cooler while keeping it cooler...the card is hot as hell anyway and im just hoping arctic cooling comes out with something a little more effective than even the acs3 cause damn! my case temp just jumped like 5 degrees with this beast...but gothic 3 and bf2 are oh so pretty :)
  41. well I dont think that ACS3 tech helps a lot really, is just more covered and as you said, there was a big price difference on the 7800 gtx with the acs3 version but weird, why is the 8800gtx not that expensive?

    If I had the money, I would go for the acs3 since they look so cool :P afterall the acs3 tech might help a little bit... who knows
  42. That is the most popular video I ever saw, and so dumb too. Poor keyboard, that guy has no future.
  43. Bah, play Doom 3 with a super-pc for the first time with headphones in a quiet environment (your room) with a good raining night at mid-night alone in your house, now that scares the shit out of you ;)
  44. I think that kid gave me a bad impression of german kids U_U
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