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First of all, I love you Tom's Hardware article writers for trolling the community and making me laugh at the comments on each article. Reading about how Mac OS X sucks, Apple is somehow a monopoly without owning 50% of any of their markets, how they don't care about Apple yet seem to comment on every single article, how the Apple fanboys are raging when there are basically none, how Android is better in every single way, how Apple fanboys are all sheeps while the haters brag about how their Galaxy S III is 100x better, how Apple is this and that crapple and etc. You guys deserve a PhD in trolling.

We need more Apple news. I'm serious. I want to see all the iHaters rage over the fact that there are so much Apple news and that it sucks. It would be hilarious. It would make every person with a brain feel better. I'm talking about bias news standing on Apple's side, every single news about Apple, re-theme the website Apple-style, Apple giveaways and sales to the USA, lawsuit stories, more advertisements of iOS and Mac OS X software.

I love Android, I find it better for it's flexibility, but every single comment posted on the articles are mind-numbing comments on how Apple products suck. I look at my phone and wonder if everyone who uses an Android phone is like that, and I can't help but feel like putting logic on an article post and leaving pro-Apple comments. It baffles me how entertaining it becomes reading each comment; it's like watching an atheist telling a dying Christian that God does not exist. It makes people cringe, it makes the people who have similar beliefs and preferences look bad, yet it makes you feel so much better about yourself.
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  1. Most of us hate Apple because of their greediness, the price: performance ratio (high price, for the money not very much performance).

    Plus they are so greedy they tried to ruin Samsung to get more of the market.

    If they weren't so greedy people more people would like Apple.

    I personally don't hate apple i just think they need to be taught a lesson on how not to be greedy.
  2. I don't even think it's that people hate Apple because of their greed. People hate Apple because other people hate them and they think they look smart by doing the same. It cringes looking at people thinking they are better than another group because they believe in one thing, yet they don't even realize that they are just as bias, usually 10 times more bias and closed-minded against the thing they hate compared to the fans. People need to know that they are not that special, even under-averaged if they are going to conform to ideas without even thinking for themselves.
  3. jay_nar2012 said:
    Most of us hate Apple because of their greediness...

    Let's be realistic. Apple is not alone; all large corporate entities are greedy. Capitalism is just a euphemism for greed.
  4. Well Apple's greediness is very noticeable compared to over companies, or in other words they are basically the greediest company in the world.
  5. If only that were the case; we might have avoided the GFC.
  6. More Apple news! Today we had a Windows 8 Mobile Event that covered multiple new handsets and OS features. Then we had a Google event that got postponed but launched their new stuff anyways. New Tablets, phones and OS features.... instead we got old news articles on Steve Jobs Yacht, how the iPad Mini sold out and how a Judge stepped down on Apple Litigation Case #4587769.

    So yea, we should totally get more Apple news! It is way more important and would drive more page clicks! It is almost like Toms Hardware is run by AOL.

    Tom's Hardware, The Authority on Tech. What a joke.
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