HELP! Raid 1 install issue

OK here's what I did. I had an 80g hard drive with an 160g hard drive as backup with raid 1 working. I was running out of space so I decided to put in another 160g hard drive. I took the 80g out and moved the 160 up as master and installed another 160 (same hard drive). When I went into the fastbuild utility, it would not recognize the second hard drive. I had thought I got it to copy but now when I boot up I get a blue screen telling me windows shut down to protect itself. If I go back to fastbuild and select option 5 to rebuild it tells me there is no hard drive attached to it.

What do I need to do to fix this?


Asus MB A7V8X
Radeon 9800
512 DDR 400
2-Seagate 160g HD
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  1. Does the "new" 160 show up in the bios?

    ***I would not have moved the old 160 to master. Keep it as slave and put the new 160 in the 80's place***
  2. What's Lebanon like?
  3. Im guess you mean Lebanon TN?
  4. Yup.
  5. Hmm, well I've never really spent much time there. Ive been to their huge trade show/antique fair and of course the Nashville SuperSpeedway, other than that I really dont know.

    Its a fairly decent sized city. Its a good 30-40 minutes away from nashville. Its growing like crazy. I would place it around the size of Murfreesboro or a Clarksville in size. Must be something in the water? :lol:

    Why the interest?
  6. My wife is considering a job offer up there.

    I used to be stationed at Ft. Campbell (2x), so I know how large Clarksville is, so that is a good comparison.

    Funny thing is that I knew something about Lebanon, but couldn't remember. Then it hit me: I wrecked my '95 ZX-7 over there as I was getting onto I-40 while heading to Vandy. This was back in '95, mind you.

    I just don't remember it being that big (well, back then). I do know there are some tasty roads nearby- something I and my ZX-10 are lacking here.
  7. well not much has changed on I-40, still pretty sure its the same construction sites since 95 :lol: I heard the state is so fed up they are fining the construction companies on a daily charge now. Needless to say its almost done now.

    Clarksville vs Lebanon
    clarksville downtown is right around 110,000 now. The surrounding area is scarce.
    Lebanon downtown is roughly 30,000. Surrounding area 80,000. So its a little more spread out to say the least.
  8. Man, I haven't been by Nashville since about '98 and I still can't believe they are working on those areas! I remember getting caught on the loop for what seemed to be hours because things were so FUBAR'd.
  9. Did you get it working?
  10. Well i ended up reformatting the hard drives and doing a fresh install.

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