looking for LITE-ON SH-16A7S-05 SATA DVDRW

found one here:

but am not sure about a few things based on their description:
SATA Super AllWrite 16x8x8x /16x6x8x /12x/16x/ + 48x32x48x 16x SATA DVDRW Black Bulk 630 pcs/pallet NO SW Bundled

is this OEM? just want to make sure it is new. also not sure what "pcs/pallet" means, or if not having software will make it tough to get the proper drivers if needed. also wondering if the necessary cables will be included. i emailed them these q's but thought some folks here might know.

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  1. OEM or retail doesn't make a difference. I got mine in two days ago (retail) no drivers included, or necessary. Came bundled with 1 beige faceplate and basic Nero 7. Windows saw it and installed the drivers. No problem.
  2. ok, cool- so i can orrder it as is from the above site w/no prob?
  3. Yes. 8)
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